The Auravana Project: A Project for a Community-Type Society


Project Auravana is currently developing the most advanced standard currently known on how to conceive of and operate community at the planetary societal scale. Learn the fundamentals of a society that operates without money, States, or socio-economic class division; and therefrom, contribute to its emergence on our planet.

The Auravana project is composed of working groups and habitat teams. The open source working groups develop and publish the societal standard for a global community-type society. These working groups create documents that provide requirements, specifications, and reasoning that can be used consistently at the societal level for mutual human fulfillment. The project exists to open source and free-share the standard for global societal co-operation.

In order to bring real and measurable fulfillment to a global population, the Auravana Project exists to co-create the emergence of a community-type society through the openly shared development and operation of a unified societal information standard, from which is expressed a network of integrated city systems, in which purposefully driven individuals are fulfilled in their development toward a higher potential life experience for themselves and all others. Significant project deliverables include a societal standard and a highly automated network of habitat service operations.

Rather than assuming only iterative changes within the context of the social and economic systems that are themselves at the root of so many of our challenges, a requirement of this project is to analyze and redesign human society, starting with the definition of what constitutes a fulfilled individual. Instead of trying to patchwork and reform existing systems, this system resolves the many current and impending, self-induced challenges, through a design that renders those challenges obsolete. The Auravana standard for community addresses all the major areas that influence human behavior and ecological stability, tracing root issues back to driving structures, and from there to the environmental influences and response mechanisms that cause them. The standards then propose new structures for those environmental influences that instead condition and predispose fulfillment-oriented values and life-enhancing systems. The project envisions a society oriented toward ecological sustainability and the fulfillment of all individual human need — a society designed and operated through mutually beneficial social cooperation. The standard proposes a system that works for everyone, and the Earth, upon which everyone depends. The fulfillment of all sentient beings is an eternally useful way forward. The Auravana Societal Specification Standard is the integration and shared evolution of a community-type society.  Here, the work of contribution brings individuals joy, and society, it brings a platform of stable fulfillment. In life, sharing opens new possibilities for inspiration and creation. How humanity thinks and work together, and what it does, will ultimately make the difference. The optimization of living conditions for everyone on this planet is a direction commensurate to humankind’s real potential.