Green Silk Road Summer School 2024 in Romania July 22-31

A co-learning travel opportunity that is oriented in a change from tourism to participation in place. Apply by 17 June 2024.

From the website: "GSR travellers visit ecological and social projects across Eurasia to share stories, experiences and skills. Together we find ways to help each other out. This can take many shapes or forms!

These are some examples of activities that worked in the past:

  • A workshop on using a particular tool (like Business Model Canvas in Persian or Community Canvas in Turkish or Hungarian);
  • Sharing skills that travellers bring with them (like making videos on a phone, or upcycling tetrapak or swimming or juggling or stitching); 
  • An educational activity (like games that teach about waste or ecology);
  • A creative activity with children (like painting on a collective art piece, or recording songs together);
  • Collective gardening (like setting up a school garden or a nursery);
  • Informal sharing of challenges, success stories and failures;
  • Documentation of local initiatives (depending on available equipment)."




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