What is Regenerative Architecture All About?

An incisive, complete, and accessible guide to principles and examples in regenerative architecture for Croatia and the rest of the world. 

Capturing an impressive range of regenerative theory, practical challenges, and physical observations, in relation to life and building of housing (principally) in Croatia, this slim volume is worth reading for those familiar with regenerative design as well as for anyone contemplating building or renovating a home. Bilingual in English and Croatian this publication is free.

From the author: "This booklet presents the topic of regenerative architecture: why it is important right now, how it can be of practical use (especially on islands with a tourism economy) and how such use involves housing cooperatives as catalysts for the regeneration of ecological and social environments.

The book is intended for students of various professions, teachers and professors, planners, architects, engineers in the field of construction, contractors and other experts, but also for local communities and municipalities, and everyone interested in solving the housing crisis, in sustainability, equality and living with nature."

By Veljko Armano Linta, M.Arch, Armano Linta Studio

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