Soil practitioner course for the Lake Constance region

Starting 25 January, the Regenerate Soil Practitioner Course on Lake Constance offers a 10 month course on regenerative land management.

In cooperation with the Bioland Foundation Regenerate offers a soil practical course . The aim of this is to enable you, as experienced practitioners, to independently assess the location potential of your areas and to develop strategies for sustainable management. You gain specialist knowledge, look at the soil from different perspectives and recognize connections. Do-it-yourself soil tests, insights into a variety of regenerative farming methods and your own project work will help you apply the knowledge to your farm.

Since the course started in Germany in 2014, more than 5,300 practitioners have already taken part. In courses with around 20 participants, the training takes place over nine seminar days from January to November 2024 . The modules are geared towards the needs of farmers and are carried out in a practical manner on participant farms.

Due to the different operational focuses and location conditions, there are no standard recipes in agriculture. Therefore, the course is a guide to thinking for yourself and for yourself . It supports course participants in developing evaluation criteria for healthy soil and appropriate management. Experienced speakers such as Sepp Braun, Hans Unterfrauner and others impart their tried-and-tested knowledge. The participants acquire knowledge through practical application examples on the farm and can apply the acquired skills directly on their own business as part of a project work.

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