Proximate is a not-for-profit media platform that asks the question: how can we better solve problems together?

Departing from collaboration of those closest to challenges, Proximate is a source of studies that will help to illuminate the fundamental facet of regenerative development as an essential element in addressing challenges and realizing the potential in systemic innovation.

We produce solutions journalism about emergent participatory models that shift power to people with lived experience – those proximate to the problem at hand.

Launched by the team behind the award-winning book Letting Go, Proximate covers trends in collaboration across philanthropy, finance, policymaking, academia and the arts.

Our mission is to leverage bold, timely solutions journalism to celebrate and interrogate participatory-problem-solving models and practices, in order to inspire leaders across fields to embrace participation in governance.

Our vision is a world where systems are designed for people with lived experience to weigh in on the biggest problems facing their communities, from climate change to economic inequality.